Assignment on semantics- ngữ nghĩa học

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English slang
1, Definion of Lexicology
2, Definition of Slang
3, Variety of slang
4, Some slang words and its definition and samples
English slang
Slang is a modern kind of language which is , in the
most cases, made and used by the young generations.
During the past years every generation had its own
slang. That was their language, their own mark.
People use it in order not to be dif ferent from their
society. That characterist i c , being a part of the
environment, is in human nature and it is quite hard
to resist i t . Slang easi ly becomes a part of your
l i fe and you just become a person who can not even
remember when the changing of vocabulary started.
I ’m a students of faculty of English, so I ’m very
keen on exploring English. And I think that slang is
a fascinat ing f ie ld in lexicology. I want to know
much more about slang words so I can use i t when
1, Definion of Lexicology
Lexicology ( 'lexis' = word+ 'logo' = learning) is a science/study which deals
with words, morphemes and word groups. It's a science which studies and
describes systematically the vocabulary of given language.that part of linguistics
which studies words, their nature and meaning, words' elements, relations

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