Conjunction (Kết hợp)

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o'clock. b (used after nice or good to add force): It's
nice and sunny today. | The soup was good and hot.
6 (in saying numbers, used before the numbers 1 to 99
and after the word hundred, but sometimes left out in
AmE): one million, two hundred and fifty-three
thousand, four hundred and twenty-six (=1,253,426)
7 (in descriptions of food or drinks) served with:
according as : conj BrE fml bacon and eggs | a gin and tonic | bread and butter
(=bread spread with butter)
depending on whether
8 and how! sl (used to give force to the idea just
expressed) very much so: “Did you enjoy
after 2 conj yourselves?” “And how!”
at a later time than (when): I found your coat after you 9 and so on/forth and other things of that kind: pots,
had left the house. | She started the job soon pans, dishes, and so on
after/shortly after she left the univers

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