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the part of his future life. Another advantage of giving children the household tasks is that
they learn how to support their family and to Giúp them in their work. Along with studies,
they will realize the importance of household works. For example, when children study,
usually their books are spread all over the room or pieces or bits of paper which they tore
may make the room dirty, they realize that this is also their duty to clean it up after
studying. And going to stores for buying vegetables, fruits, etc to Giúp her mother in the
kitchen, buying files, handbooks for his father's business. These works make him learn
how to Giúp his family members when they are in need of it. When children are required
to do household work they soon become the habit of the children. Thus, they do not need
any more Giúp from his family members in order to fulfill his task. Therefore, this skill
brings another advantage to a child's upbringing where he does not depend on anyone and
does all his work by himself. In conclusion, children should be required to Giúp with
household tasks as soon as they are ready for it because they learn to value the
responsibilities of the household work, they work like a team with their family members,
they do not depend on anyone for th

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