501 grammar and writing questions - part 6

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Page 87

SET 29 (Answers begin on page 144.)
Answer questions 386 and 387 on the basis of the following passage.
(1) Employer participation in School-to-Work partnerships has exceeded all expectations in the
last three years; with one in four U.S. businesses and industries involved in School-to-Work
initiatives. (2) These findings are part of a National Employer Survey released today at a seminar
sponsored by the National School-to-Work Office, the Department of Educations Office of
Educational Research and Improvement, and the National Center for Postsecondary
(3) The survey also showed that the National School-to-Work initiative has surpassed its own
benchmarks. (4) More than 91 percent of all School-to-Work businesses are now providing
work-based learning to students—internships, job-shadowing, mentoring and apprenticeships,
according to the report. (5) That measure far exceeds the goal of 30 percent business participation
by 1997 set when the School-to-Work Opportunities Act passed in 1994. (6) The National
School-to-Work initiative is jointly administered by the Departments of Education an

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