English for personal assistants - part 12

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Letters of complaint 55

Letters of complaint
Task 4 Letter layout
Match the features of the letter, A – I, to the parts of the letter. The first one has been
done as an example.

A. signature 8 1. Weinstrasse 76
1 67423 Munich
B. addressee
2. 27 August 20XX
C. date
3. Mrs J Stewart
D. printed name of the
Simpsons Constuction
writer of the letter
Shaftesbury Road
E. body of the letter London EC5 8JN
F. sender’s address 4. Invoice No. CM 9472
G. opening salutation 5. Dear Mrs Stewart
H. subject line 6. I am writing concerning our invoice CM 9472 for
I. closing salutation £2,548.00, a copy of which is enclosed.
7. Yours sincerely
8. M Lemos
9. Mr M Lemos

Opening and closing salutations

The table below outlines the conventions for opening and closing salutations in formal
correspondence in British

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