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–N O T E T A K I N G –

Example B

The American People (Title)
Nash, Jeffrey, Howe, Frederick, Davis, and
Winkler (Authors)
Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc., New
York, 1990. (Publishing information)
1 (Number of Index Card)
Kennedy’s Death (Subject Heading)
Despite the fact that the crowds gave Kennedy a warm welcome,
suddenly, from out of the blue, shots were fired. p. 963 (precise
page number of citation)

In Example B, you have recorded the exact situation. Again, as long as you have recorded
same information that the book provided; all the precise information about the book and
however, you chose to arrange the material to as long as you list it in your bibliography, it is
emphasize that Kennedy’s initial welcoming acceptable to write a note card this way. A third
reception was suspect. You have not changed way of taking down the same information
any of the facts; you’ve only chosen to put might be the following.
emphasis on a different aspect of the historical

Example C

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