Opportunities in technical writing careers part 2

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The Field of
Technical Writing

Different forms of writing have been used to relay information
since ancient times. People have communicated facts, lore, data,
news, science, wisdom, and entertainment in writing using meth-
ods ranging from ancient cave drawings and hieroglyphics to the
latest bestseller, computer manual, or blog.
Writing can be broadly classified into two categories: fiction and
nonfiction. The novelists, short-story writers, poets, screenwriters,
and playwrights who produce fiction manipulate words and lan-
guage to create scenes, moods, and effects so readers can feel as
though they are unobserved, passive participants to the events
described. Nonfiction writers present facts and data in a variety of
formats, including magazine and newspaper articles, books (text-
books, biographies, how-tos, self-help, travel guides, and more),
booklets, reports, brochures, memoirs, manuals, journals, newslet-


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2 Opportunities in Technical Writing Careers

ters, advertising copy, and even the text inside the pages of the
phone book.

What Is Technical Writing?
Technical writers write, edit, and prepare publications in many
fields of technology, science, engineering, and m

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