The unselfish devotion of a housewife

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The unselfish devotion of a housewife

The unselfish devotion of a housewife

The housewife has always been among the unappreciated

lot. Her unflagging devotion to her husband, children and

grandchildren has always been taken for granted. She

slaves all day as wife, mother, nanny, cook and

housekeeper without any thoughts of rewards. Her only

satisfaction lies in the harmony that her hardwork creates

in the family.
Her main duty lies in creating a comfortable environment

so that the breadwinner can come home from work to

relax. She becomes the sympathetic listener of all his

problems at the office. She dusts, vacuums and sweeps

all day. Her hobbies normally include knitting, sewing and

flower making for the purpose of creating a more delightful

home. She mends his favorite shirt time and time again

without grudging. Her only gratification comes from those

casual compliments she receives for the delicious dishes

she serves which involve so much preparation and work.
Little children are quite lost without their dear mummies.

The mother nurses the tiny, helpless infant. She cares for,

feeds, washes and cloths the baby. She gets up several

times in the middle of the night just so th

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