The use of forestsThe use of forests

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The use of forests

The use of forests

Forest form an important part of the wealth of a country;

and in India, the preservation of the of the forests is so

important that it has long been taken over by the

Government, and is in charge of the Government, and is in

charge of the Government Forest Department.

Forests have a great influence upon climate; for they
attract rain and preserve moisture – an important matter in

a dry country like India. The leaves of a tree are always

giving off moisture; and this constant evaporation cools

the surrounding atmosphere. In consequence, when

moisture-laden winds blow over a forest, the moisture they

carry is condensed and forms clouds and these dissolve in

rain. This is not mere theory. It has been proved that the

destruction of forests of any extent quickly changes the

climate of the whole district. Whereas before it had an

abundant rainfall, after disafforestation the rainfall became

scanty, the land went out of cultivation and became an
arid desert. On the other hand, afforestation or the

planting of forests, will turn a desert into a well-watered

and fertile district.

Further, forests on hill sides do much to prevent

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