Express Yourself writing skill for high school part 12

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WHY (reasons to remember who, what, when, where)

Camp “Stage Right!” saved me from being a My grandmother was so special I still miss her.
total recluse/nerd!

My mother and I always fight and I hate it so I loved my drama coach. She made me feel special.
I go to my room.

I think I can write about camp “Stage Right!” It changed my life forever and even my mother started
because that’s where I loved being the most. coming around after that summer.

Notice that by walking slowly through the five w’s, you began to find “focus.” You began to isolate the
times and places most important to you. When you got to “why” you began to define the reasons for the impor-
tance, and you began to realize the focus of your writing.

Imagine the typical sixth grade nightmare. Remember the first year of middle school. Think
about expectations versus realities and the sense of utter confusion that enveloped you as an awk-
ward sixth grader just about to enter seventh grade. Remember the strange feelings of insecurity,
shyness, and no confidence. Well, I remember.
I was the epitome of the lost twelve-year-old. I was lost in life with no direction and no pur-
pose. I had frizzy red hair and typical teenage skin problems, a closet full of ugly neon clothes,

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