English for personal assistants - part 20

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Recycling key information 95


It is never a good idea to read from a prepared script because it doesn’t allow you to
interact with the audience and they might just as well have watched you on TV!
However, what many presenters do, particularly if they are presenting in a foreign
language, is put key words on cards. The thing not to forget is firstly, to number the
cards in case you drop them on the floor and secondly, mark on your cards the slide
number that goes with them. Alternatively, of course, you could print out an overview
of your slides and write key words in the notes section.

Task 7
Three teams from your company have been asked to organize an event in London
lasting for two days for your company and its foreign subsidiaries. You are
representing your team and you are going to present your proposal to your boss and
several other managers from your company.
Have a look at the information below, then a) write out the introduction to your
presentation in full and b) write brief notes that you would put on cards/slides for the
details of the program.
Wednesday: Arrival at Heathrow at 6 o’clock; transfer to Marriott Hotel
Knightsbridge; drinks in the bar at eight; dinner in the hotel restaurant at 9. Thursday:
welcoming speech by the CEO at nine; presentations by delegates from SE Asia
between 9.30 – 11.30; break then for half an hour; then an hour of round-tab

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