các bạn tải miễn phí ebook: ADVANCE READING POWER

The authors thank Laura Le Dréan , executive editor, whose feedback was invaluable as we developed Advanced
Reading Power, and Gosia Jaros-White, associate development editor, who helped us clarify our ideas and stay
on schedule.
We gratefully acknowledge the gentle pressure from the many teachers who have wanted us to write an
advanced level book for the Reading Power series. We have made every effort to respond to their concerns.
We would also like to thank friends and colleagues, including Anita Belt and Jane Stevenson, for their
helpful input and encouragement.
We acknowledge the influence of Tom Cobb, Averil Coxhead, and I. S. Paul Nation, whose work was
essential in planning the new vocabulary development units.
Finally, we wish to thank Richard M. Ravin for his outstanding work in researching and drafting the
reading passages in Part 4.
The publisher would like to extend special thanks to the following individuals who reviewed Advanced
Reading Power and whose comments were instrumental in developing the book.
Jennifer Altman, University of Washington English Language Program, Seattle, WA; Mary Hill, North
Shore Community College, Danvers, MA; Helen Kallenbach, Sonoma State American Language Institute,
Rohnert Park, CA; Alessandro Massaro, Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA; Susan Reynolds,
Seminole Community College, Oviedo, FL; Ishida Saori, University of

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